Title Author Year Copyrighted Publisher Number/Date Notes
008 - Quick Bread Winners
1985 Betty Crocker (General Mills)

021 - Bread Machine and Homemade Bread Recipes
1998 Gold Medal (General Mills)

022 - Shortcut Suppers
1998 Favorite Brand Name Recipes Sep. 1998
031 - Bread Machine Recipes
1999 Favorite Brand Name Recipes Mar. 1999
052 - Fantastic Easy Casseroles
1991 Betty Crocker (General Mills) January 1991
057 - Easy Steps to Good Cooking
1985 Pillsbury Classic Cookbooks

080 - Sizzling Mexican Recipes
1995 Favorite Brand Name Recipes May 1995
126 - Pasta, Rice and Beans
1997 Betty Crocker (General Mills) February 1997
128 - Easy Mexican Cooking
1997 Betty Crocker (General Mills) April-May 1997
144 - Bisquick
1998 Betty Crocker (General Mills)

147 - Soup & Crock-Pot Meals
1999 Betty Crocker (General Mills) Jan. 1999
148 - Meatless Main Dishes
1999 Betty Crocker (General Mills) Feb. 1999
149 - Mexican
1999 Betty Crocker (General Mills) Mar. 1999
181 - Meatless Meals
1996 Pillsbury Classic Cookbooks Mar. 1996
217 - Lotsa Pasta!
1999 Pillsbury Classic Cookbooks Mar. 1999
5 Ingredient Cooking Baird, Elizabeth 1997 Robert Rose

ABC of French Food Deighton, Len 1989 Bantam Books

African Cookbook, The Sandler, Bea 1997 Citadel Press

Anne Lindsay's Light Kitchen Lindsay, Anne 1994 MacMillan

Around the World with 25 Recipes Planter's Peanut Oil 0

Art of Eating, The Fisher, M.F.K. 1990 MacMillan

Basketful of Favorites Globe and Mail 1988 MacMillan

Beard on Bread Beard, James 1973 Knopf

Best of Lord Krishna's Cuisine: Favorite Recipes from the Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking Devi, Yamuna 1991 Plume (Penguin)
loaned to Paul
Bonnes soupes du monastère, Les d'Avila-Latourette, Victor-Antoine 1997 Editions de l'homme

Bons légumes du monastère, Les d'Avila-Latourette, Victor-Antoine 1999 Editions de l'homme

Book of Mediterranean Food David, Elizabeth 1991 Penguin

Carnation Cook Book Blake, Mary 1937 Carnation Company Ltd.

Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery Grigson, Jane 1967 Penguin

Chile Pepper
Mar-Apr 2001
Classic 1000 Indian Recipes Hobson, Wendy (ed.) 1994 foulsham

Classic 1000 Recipes Hobson, Wendy 1992 foulsham

Classic Indian Cooking Sahni, Julie 1980 William Morrow and Co.

Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking Sahni, Julie 1985 William Morrow and Co.

Confitures et Conserves
1996 Bon Appétit Plus (Taillefer)

Conserves de grand-maman, Les Tremblay, Claudine, et Marie Thibault 1998 Editions Montcalm

Cook's Illustrated 35 (Pears)
Dec. 1998
Cook's Illustrated 36 (Onions)
Feb. 1999
Cook's Illustrated 37 (Asparagus)
Apr. 1999
Cook's Illustrated 38 (Carrots)
Cook's Illustrated 39 (Corn)
Aug. 1999
Cook's Illustrated 40 (Figs)
Oct. 1999
Cook's Illustrated 41 (Pomegranates)
Dec. 1999
Cook's Illustrated 42 (Lemons)
Feb. 2000
Cook's Illustrated 43 (Avocado)
April 2000
Cook's Illustrated 44 (Rhubarb)
June 2000
Cook's Illustrated 45 (Melon)
August 2000
Cook's Illustrated 46 (Cabbage)
October 2000
Cook's Illustrated 47 (Pineapple)
Dec. 2000
Cook's Illustrated 48 (Chard)
Feb. 2001
Cook's Illustrated 49 (Artichokes)
Apr. 2001
Cook's Illustrated 50 (Strawberries)
May 2001
Cook's Illustrated Complete Book of Poultry, The Editors of Cook's Illustrated 1999 Clarkson Potter

Cookbook, Menus for All Seasons
2000 Loblaws

Cooking for 2
1985 General Mills

Cookwise Corriher, Shirley O. 1997 William Morrow & Co.

Cucina Italiana 4/3
May-Jun. 1999
Cucina Italiana 4/5
Sep.-Oct. 1999
Cucina Italiana 4/6
Nov.-Dec. 1999
Cucina Italiana 5/1
Jan.-Feb. 2000
Cucina Italiana 5/2
Mar.-Apr. 2000
Cucina Italiana 5/3
Jun. 2000
Cucina Italiana 5/4
Jul-Aug 2000
Cucina Italiana 5/5
Sep-Oct 2000
Cucina Italiana 5/6
Nov-Dec 2000
Cuisine allégée Wilson, Anne 1997 Könemann

Cuisine du marché, La Bocuse, Paul 1975 Flammarion

Cuisine du monastère, La d'Avila-Latourette, Victor-Antoine 1998 Editions de l'homme

Cuisine française simplifiée
1996 Bon Appétit Plus (Taillefer)

cuisine indienne légère, La Razzaq, Roshi 1993 Könemann

Cuisine libanaise Wilson, Anne 1997 Könemann

Cuisine marocaine Wilson, Anne 1997 Könemann

Cuisine raisonnée, La Congrégation Notre-Dame 1943 Congrégation Notre-Dame

Cuisine traditionelle d'un Québec oublié Couillard, Suzette, et Roseline Normand 1981 Diffusion Suzette Couillard

Cuisine traditionelle des régions du Québec ITHQ 1996 Publications du Québec

Culinaria - European Specialties
1995 Könemann

Curry Lee, David 1997 StMichael (Reed International)

Eastern Vegetarian Cooking Jaffrey, Madhur 1981 Arrow

Easy Indian Style Cookery Australian Women's Weekly Home Library 1997 Australian Women's Weekly

Easy Mexican Style Cookery Australian Women's Weekly Home Library 1996 Australian Women's Weekly

Easy Spanish Style Cookery (photocopied selection) Australian Women's Weekly Home Library 0 Australian Women's Weekly

Easy Thai Style Cookery Australian Women's Weekly Home Library 1995 Australian Women's Weekly

Ecrits gastronomiques Reynière, Grimod de la 1978 10/18

Enchanted Broccoli Forest (2nd ed.) Katzen, Mollie 1995 Ten Speed Press

English Bread and Yeast Cookery David, Elizabeth 1977 Penguin

Enquire Within Upon Everything
0 Herbert Jenkins Ltd.

Enter the Zone Sears, Barry 1995 ReganBooks (HarperCollins)

Fannie Farmer Baking Book, The Cunningham, Marion 1984 Wings Books

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Food in History Tannahill, Reay 1988 Three Rivers Press

Food of India, The Oberoi Group 1995 Periplus Editions (HK)

French Country Cooking David, Elizabeth 1963 Penguin

Full of Beans Currie, Violet, and Kay Spicer 1993 Mighton House

Good Things to Eat Estes, Rufus 1999 Howling at the Moon Press

Guide complet des herbes et épices Bültjer, Ulrike 1999 Chanteclerc

Guide Cuisine (Spécial Dessert)

Guide Cuisine 1/1 (en fête)

Guide Cuisine 1/2 (fraîcheur)

Guide Cuisine 1/3 (plein air)

Guide Cuisine 1/4 (automne)

Guide Cuisine 2/1 (en fête)

Guide Cuisine 2/2 (fraîcheur)

Guide Cuisine 2/3 (plein air)

Guide Cuisine 2/4 (automne)

Guide Cuisine 3/1 (en fête)

Guide Cuisine 3/2 (fraîcheur)

Guide Cuisine 6/2 (fraîcheur)

Guide de la cuisine traditionelle québécoise, Le Boisvenue, Lorraine 1979 Stanké

Harvest Collection presented by Coldwell Banker Burns, Shirley A. (ed.) 1987 Breakthru Marketing Services Inc.

Healthy Crockery Cookery Hoffman, Mable 1998 HPBooks

Healthy Mediterranean Cookbook Farrow, Joanna, and Jacqueline Clark 1999 Sebastian Kelly

Heart Smart Chinese Cooking Wong, Stephen 1996 Douglas & McIntyre

Heart Smart Flavours of India Jamal, Krishna 1998 Douglas & McIntyre

Home Cooking, A Writer in the Kitchen Colwin, Laurie 1988 HarperPerennial

Jane Austen Cookbook Black, Maggie, and Deirdre Le Faye 1995 British Museum Press

Je mange, je maigris et je reste mince Montignac, Michel 1999 Flammarion

Joy of Cooking Rombauer, Irma S., and Marion Rombauer Becker 1963 Thomas Allen & Sons (1974)

Joy of Cooking, The All New All Purpose Rombauer, Irma S., and Marion Rombauer Becker 1997 Scribner

Key Terms in Cuisine Skull, John 1991 Elbrook Press

Larousse Gastronomique
1992 Mandarin Paperbacks

Life à la Henri, Being the Memories of Henri Charpentier Charpentier, Henri 2001 Random House

Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking Devi, Yamuna 1987 Dutton (Penguin)

Low Calorie/Low Fat Recipes
1998 Better Homes and Gardens Fall 1998
Making of a Chef: Mastering the Heat at the Culinary Institute of America Ruhlman, Michael 1995 Henry Holt

Meals in Minutes Canadian Living Cookbook Special 0 Canadian Living

Meat Cook Book Good Housekeeping 1958 Hearst Corporation

Meat--How to Buy it, How to Cook Canada Department of Agriculture 1975
Meilleures recettes de pâtes, Les
1989 Chanteclerc

Memories of a Cuban Kitchen Randelman, Mary Urrutia (and Joan Schwartz) 1992 MacMillan

Middle Eastern Cooking (photocopied selection) Dosti, Rose 0

Middle Eastern Easy Style Cookery Australian Women's Weekly Home Library 1996 Australian Women's Weekly

Migliori ricette della cucina mediterranea
1999 Arnoldo Mondadori Editore

Moosewood Cookbook Katzen, Mollie 1977 Ten Speed Press

Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special Moosewood Collective 1999 Clarkson Potter

Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favourites Moosewood Collective 1996 Clarkson Potter

More Calf Fries to Caviar Franklin, Janel, and Sue Vaughn 1988 Jan-Su (Lamesa, Texas)

More Home Cooking, A Writer Returns to the Kitchen Colwin, Laurie 1993 HarperPerennial

Mrs. Chiang's Szechwan Cookbook Schrecker, Ellen, and John Schrecker 1976 Harper & Row

Natural Foods Cookbook, The Hunter, Beatrice Trum 1961 Pyramid

New Vegetarian Gourmet Ayanoglu, Byron 1996 Robert Rose

New World Noodles Jones, Bill, and Stephen Wong 1997 Robert Rose

Nordic Ware for Microwave and Conventional Ovens
0 Northland Aluminium Products

Nouveau dictionnaire des aliments, Le Monette, Solange 1996 Editions Québec/Amérique

Olive Oil Companion Ridgway, Judy 1997 General Publishing

Omelette and a Glass of Wine, An David, Elizabeth 1984 Penguin

Original Canadian Cookbook Gougeon, Helen 1975 Tundra/Collins

Oxford Companion to Food Davidson, Alan 1999 Oxford University Press

Pass the Polenta Lust, Theresa 1998 Ballantine

Pasta Machine Cookbook German, Donna Rathmell 1993 Nitty Gritty

Pâtes et riz Rahaniotis, Angela (ed.) 1994 Editions Brimar

Pâtes, Les William, Anne 1996 Trécarré (101 trucs et conseils)

Pizzas Redman, Hugh 1997 StMichael (Reed International)

Pizzas et fougasses Lapi. F. 1998 Editions de Vecchi

Popular Potato Recipes
1993 Murdoch Books

Pots and Pans etc. Harris, Gertrude (and M.F.K. Fisher) 1971 101 Productions

President's Choice Magazine 03 (Rising Stars)
May 1998
President's Choice Magazine 04 (Summer's Sweetest Pleasures)
Jun. 1998
President's Choice Magazine 05 (Delicious Rewards)
Jul.-Aug. 1998
President's Choice Magazine 06 (Admirable Bird)
Sep. 1998
President's Choice Magazine 07 (Bountiful Harvest)
Oct. 1998
President's Choice Magazine 08 (Autumnal Pleasures)
Nov. 1998
President's Choice Magazine 09 (Comfort and Joy)
Dec. 1998
President's Choice Magazine 10 (Perfect Taste)
Jan.-Feb. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 11 (Aussie Fusion)
Mar. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 12 (Wild Honey)
Apr. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 13 (Fresh Starts)
May 1999
President's Choice Magazine 14 (Seasonal Ease)
Jun. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 15 (Fresh Fruit)
Jul.-Aug. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 16 (Ready to Eat)
Sep. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 17 (French Roast)
Oct. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 18 (Home Cooking)
Nov. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 19 (Holiday Celebrations)
Dec. 1999
President's Choice Magazine 20 (Simply Delicious)
Jan.-Feb. 2000
President's Choice Magazine 21 (Spring's Finest Fare)
Mar. 2000
President's Choice Magazine 22 (Classic French Cooking)
Apr. 2000
President's Choice Magazine 23 (Good Food to Suit the Season)
May 2000
President's Choice Magazine 24 (Classic Cakes to Suit Every Occasion)
Jun. 2000
President's Choice Magazine 25 (True Blue, In Praise of Blueberries)
Jul.-Aug. 2000
President's Choice Magazine 26 (Meatloaf, Plain and Fancy)
Sep. 2000
President's Choice Magazine 27 (Celebrating Harvest Time)
Oct. 2000
President's Choice Magazine 28 (Sweet Talk)
Nov. 2000
President's Choice Magazine 29 (Holiday Celebration Guide)
Dec. 2000
Quick and Easy Indian Vegetarian Chopra, Veena 1996 foulsham

Recetas utiles de cocina Ramirez, Guadalupe 1991 Editorial Oriente, Santiago de Cuba

Recettes de Madame Curé: La cuisine des presbytères, Les Beaudoin, Pierrette 1995 Editions Logique

Recettes en Provence Maureau, Andrée 1991 Edisud

Recettes et Menus Santé Montignac, Michel 1998 Éditions Trustar

Recettes et Menus Santé Tome 2 Montignac, Michel 2000 Éditions Trustar

Recipes into Type Whitman, Joan, and Dolores Simon 1993 HarperCollins

Red Hot and Green Hazen, Janet 1996 Chronicle Books

Risottos, Pilafs and Paellas
2000 Murdoch Books

Rogmanoli's Table Romagnoli, Margaret and G. Franco 1974 Little, Brown and Company

Rôtis, Les Wilson, Anne 1997 Könemann

Rustic Italian Cooking Sloan, Kathleen 1998 Robert Rose

Saturday Night Magazine (The Hole Truth - Tim Horton's Donuts)
Sep. 1999
Saveur 38 (Venice)
Nov. 1999
Saveur 41 (Sweet Bistro Memories)
Mar. 2000
Saveur 42 (The Heart and Soul of Cuba)
Apr. 2000
Saveur 43 (San Francisco's Chinese Spirit)
May-Jun 2000
Saveur 45 (At Home in an Indian Kitchen)
Sep-Oct 2000
Saveur 46 (American Stuffing)
Nov. 2000
Saveur 47 (Home for the Holidays)
Dec. 2000
Scandinavian Cookery for Americans Brobeck, Florence, and Monika Kjellberg 1948 Little, Brown and Company

Second Great Annual New England Cook-Off Cookbook
1988 Yankee Publishing

Secrets from a Vegetarian Garden Abensur, Nadine 1996 Stewart, Tabori and Chang

Simply Vegetarian Fraser, Linda 1999 Sebastian Kelly
loaned to Paul
Slow Cooker Ready and Waiting Cookbook Rodgers, Rick 1992 Wiliam Morrow

Spécial B.B.Q.

Supreme Bean, The
0 Ontario White Bean Producers

Sushi Yoshii, Ryuichi 1998 Periplus Editions (HK)
loaned to Paul
Taste of India:The Definitive Guide to Regional Cooking, A Jaffrey, Madhur 1985 Pavilion Great Cooks

Taste of Thailand, The Bhumichitr, Vatcharin 1988 Pavilion Great Cooks

Taunton's Fine Cooking 44 (Lasagna to Make and Freeze)
May 2001
Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table Reichl, Ruth (signed) 1998 Random House

Theory and Practice of Good Cooking Beard, James 1977 Knopf

Tians et petits farcis Maureau, Andrée 1998 Edisud

Traditional Quebec Cooking Mongrain-Dontigny, Micheline 1995 Editions La Bonne Recette

Vegetarian Pickford, Louise 1996 StMichael (Reed International)
loaned to Paul
Vegetarian 30 minute Indian Cookbook Baljekar, Mridula 1997 Thorson

Vegetarian Journal 19-02 (Vietnamese Cuisine)
Mar-Apr 2000
Vegetarian Journal 19-04 (Stone Fruits of Summer)
Jul-Aug 2000
Vegetarian Journal 19-05 (Cooking with Beets)
Sep-Oct 2000
Vegetarian Journal 20-01 (Party Snacks and Finger Food)
Jan-Feb 2001
Vegetarian Journal 20-02 (Rice and Bean Dishes)
Mar-Apr 2001
Viandier of Taillevent, The Scully, Terence (ed.) 1988 University of Ottawa Press

Waitrose Food Illustrated (Spain, Beyond Tapas)
May 1999
Weight Watchers' Favorite Homestyle Recipes
1993 New American Library (Penguin)

Weight Watchers' New International Cookbook
1985 New American Library (Penguin)

Why Does Popcorn Pop? Voorhees, Don 1995 Citadel Press

Wild West Cookbook Chavich, Cinda 1998 Robert Rose

Wok & Stir-Fry Lee, David 1997 StMichael (Reed International)

World Atlas of Wines Johnson, Hugh 1971 Mitchell Beazley Publishers Limited

World Encyclopedia of Cheese Harbutt, Juliet 1998 Anness Publishing

Yum Cha et les délices d'Asie Wilson, Anne 1997 Könemann