Date:         Wed, 22 Jan 1992 17:37:17 MST
From:         "C. Michel Boucher" 
Subject:      Command 14, Victory at Midway, review

I'm posting this from a local BBS, Radio Free Albemuth, where the sysop
and I maintain a games information base.  As Don requested a review, I
thought this might help :-)  I haven't gotten it yet myself, but I'm
definitely considering it.

Subj: Command #14 - Victory at Midway
From: Taza Beolvoch #1
To  : All
Date: Tue, Jan 21, 1992 10:57:10 PM

     Well I've got the latest Command.  More accolades .

     The game included is a simple simulation of the battle of Midway,
in 1942.  It's a double blind game, with single ship/ship squadron
counters, and aircraft squadron counters.

     Double blind means both players don't see each other's units --
there are two maps.  Players must search in a fashion like battleship,
calling out locations they're searching and seeing if they've made
contact.  Mechanically the game is very simple with air-air combat,
air-ship combat, air-ground combat, and ship-ship combat.  All are
handled without a combat results chart -- instead it's a roll against
strengths.  Needs 10 sided dice.

     Is it good?  Surprisingly yes.  The games rules are a very clear
and concise 11 pages, including optional rules!  Impressive!  The
system is comparable in realism to the old Avalon Hill "Midway" game
and it's a lot simpler to play.  And surprisingly -- has some very
neat historical details that other simulations don't have.

     For example there's units for the Japanese landing forces -- for
their seaplane tender which was supposed to set up shop.  There's even
a counter for a supply ship which was going to set up a mini-sub base
in Midway!  Oh did I mention there are sub rules?  There are.  There
you go.

     And it's all simple -- idiotically simple.  I'm amazed at how
good the Command writers are at producing simple but accurate systems.
This game looks better than the other competitors -- even the GDW game
on the topic!  That's flattery!  (Ed. - I gather TB liked GDW's MIDWAY :-))

     Materials are up to their normal standards.  Excellent.

     There are two large variants for Alexandros (Command #10)  One
follows the campaigns of Xenophon and the 10,000, the other the
internal conflicts following the death of Alexander.  Both look very
good and match up the original well.  I highly -- highly recommend
Command #10.  These add ons are just plusses.

     There are a couple of error correcting Wahoo counters and a small
Red Sun Rising expansion.  Very small.

    Now as you know there's a split magazine format -- one for
general publication and one with a game/gaming stuff.  The historical
game magazine is getting better.  I cannot describe the quality of the
publication.  It looks wonderful -- it looks better than many major
magazines.  It's an expertly produced publication and if the quality
of the articles brightens up a bit it'll be amazingly good.

    Command is now the unparalleled leader in Wargaming magazines in
my opinion.  Only the superb contents of Counterattack come close...
but for slickness, lack of errors in components and rules, Command
takes the cake.  Buy This Magazine!  Spurn Strategy and Tactics!  I
hate to see S&T die -- I grew up on it! -- but don't be had!