SOLO GAMES LIST (last updated 2012-04-06)

This list was started as a personal service offered to the readers of CONSIM-L back in 1991. Members contributed to building this list. After my sudden departure from the web, it was taken over and maintained by Markus Stumptner and eventually posted on WEB GROGNARD. I have decided to take the list back and complete it with new additions. I have added the list of all articles I have found either from my own info, or culled from Web-Grognard, with the idea that any information or variant about a game can help the solitaire player. Furthermore, I received a list of games with solitaire potential from Daniel U. Thibault, and I have incorporated the "wargames" in this list. A further list of mostly Wargamer and S&T games was provided by Keith Ian Miller. I would heartily recommend that users of this list refer also to the information which can be found at Web Grognard with respect to most of these games, offering errata, variants, etc. This page is also available through Web Grognard, for better access by gamers.

Lutz Pietschker has informed me that he has pages devoted to specific solitaire games as well as utilities for some of these games. These will be indicated below.

Anyone interested in obtaining copies of these games, most of which are out-of-print or hard to obtain, would be well advised to frequent online auction sites such as eBay. Those who are interested in obtaining gameboxes for Cyberboard, can check on Skip Franklin's availability page. Games which are known to have a Cyberboard gamebox are indicated by an asterisk (*). Those gamers who are not familiar with Cyberboard may wish to join the CyberboardML discussion group at Yahoo!Groups.

As well, there are a number of solo games by Lloyd Krassner and others for the computer PBEM card game program called Thoth. This page gives you access to card sets, and solo games are available. They are also listed here. You need to install the Thoth program to use the cardsets. Thanks to Michael Huang for this excellent suggestion.

If someone knows any newer games that are either solitaire or have solitaire-only scenarios, please tell Markus or myself.

Michel Boucher
Markus Stumptner

NOTE: Magazine names are in bold characters. This list does *not* include solitaire paragraph adventures except where they are related to a game system).

2001-09-24: Fixed a problem of old coding that was causing some lines to be double-spaced in Opera.

2004-08-09: Added information on the availability of computer-based modules for the games listed here. Indications shall be listed in red.

2008-08-06: Added the complete list of solitaire games by Minden Games published in Panzerchreck and Panzer Digest.


CB = Cyberboard
ADC2 = Aide de Camp 2
VSL = VASSAL game engine
BWG = Bruce Wigdor games (they can be played solo by being both server and client)

Games designed as a solo game

1914: Opening Moves - Panzerschreck 7 [2001]
A Week in Hell: The Battle of Hue, 1968 - Battles 3 [2010]
ACW Solitaire - David Kershaw 2007
Advanced Salvo! 1939-1941 - Panzer Digest 1 [2007]
Advanced Squad Leader Solitaire - Avalon Hill
Airships at War (combined Luftschiff + ZCRV Flying Flat-Top) - Sierra Madre
Airships at War: Riesenflugzeugabteilungen - Sierra Madre
Alamo 1836 - Vae Victis 97 [2011]
Ambush! - Victory Games 1983 [CB - ADC2 - VSL]

Fallschirmjaeger, Battleplan 2: 29-38
Mission 17: Block Party, Battleplan 4: 25-39/insert
His Majesty's Soldiers, Adding the British to Ambush, General (VG6)
Special Scenario, Traffic Control, General 21-6: VI 4-13

see my Ambush! Mission 1 log
see also Lutz Pietschker's eAmbush project

Ambush!: Move Out! - Victory Games 1983
Ambush!: Purple Heart - Victory Games 1985
Ambush!: Silver Star - Victory Games 1987
Antietam - Command 22
Astra Titanus - Victory Point Games 2010
B-17 - Avalon Hill 1983 [CB - VSL]

Playing the Odds in B-17, General 20-6
Saga of the Memphis Belle, Simulating a Survivor, General 20-6
Raid on Detroit (Series Replay), General 20-6
Rest of the Royal Family (Variant Models for B-17), General 20-6
15th Air Force, a Variant for B-17, General 23-1: 16-18
Filling the Skies, The Woes of B-17 Addiction, General 23-1
The Queen in Germany, More Targets for B-17, General 23-5: 29
Theater Modifications, More Expansions for B-17, General 24-6
Operation Porcupine, General 26-5: 46-47

see my B-17 mission logs
B-29 Superfortress - Khyber Pass 2008
Barbarian - Task Force 1979 [CB]
Barbarian Prince - Heritage/Dwarfstar 1981 [ADC2]
Barbarossa Campaign - Panzerschreck 3 [1999]
Barbarossa Campaign, The - Victory Point Games 2009
Barbarossa Solitaire - David Kershaw 2002
Bataille de York, 1813, La - Panzerschreck 9 [2002]
Battle For Endor (Star Wars) - West End Games
Battle Hymn! - Victory Games 1986
see also Lutz Pietschker's eAmbush project
Battle Hymn!: Leatherneck - Victory Games 1987
Battle of the Atlantic - Panzerschreck 4 [2000]
Battle Platform Antilles - Battleplay Inc. 2001 (Note: this game is free)
Battleships at War: Atlantic - Panzerschreck 14 [2005]
Blood-Red Banner, A - Victory Point Games 2011
Boarding Party - Task Force
Carrier! - Victory Games 1990 [CB]

The Battle of Rennell Island, General 27-6: 49-50

Carrier War - Omega
Catherine the Great - Strategy & Tactics 232
Citadel of Blood - Ares 5
Christmas in Hell: The Battle for Ortona - TCS Games 2010
Cold Harbor - Panzerschreck 3 [1999]
Commando Raid on Rommel - Panzerschreck 5 [2000]
Corsair Leader - Dan Verssen Games 2005
Coral Sea, 1942 - World at War 10
Custer's Luck - Wargamer 45
D-Day at Omaha Beach - Decision Games 2009
Damocles Mission - Ares 13
Devil Horsemen - One Page Wars n.d.
East Front Solitaire - Omega
Empires in America - Victory Point Games 2009
Escape from Dinosaur Island! - Fractal Dimensions 1998
Evacuation of Königsberg, The - Panzer Digest 2 [2007]
Fall of Constantinople - Panzerschreck 6 [2001]
Fall of Rome - Strategy & Tactics 39
Fall of Rome - Strategy & Tactics 181 [CB]
Fall of Röhm - Panzerschreck 8 [2002]
Field Commander--Alexander the Great - Dan Verssen Games 2009
Field Commander--Napoleon - Dan Verssen Games 2011
Field Commander--Rommel - Dan Verssen Games 2008
First Day of the Somme - Panzerschreck 5 [2000]
First Team--Vietnam - Wargamer 56 [CB]
Forlorn Hope - Victory Point Games 2010
Free Entreprise (Star Trek III) - West End Games 1985
Go Tell the Spartans - Against the Odds 2-2 (issue no. 6)
Hammer of Thor - Nova Games 1980
Hero of Weehawken - Victory Point Games 2011
Hornet Leader - GMT Games 1991 [CB]
Hornet Leader II - Dan Verssen Games 2005
Hornet Leader II--Carrier Air Group Expansion - Dan Verssen Games 2005
Hornet Leader II--Cold War - Dan Verssen Games 2006
Hornet Leader II--Marine Air - Dan Verssen Games 2006
Israeli Independence - Victory Point Games n.d.
Iwo Jima - Strategy & Tactics 92 [CB]
Kaiser's Pirates, The - GMT 2009
Kobayashi Maru (Star Trek III) - West End Games 1985
La bataille de Ia Drang : le premier engagement de la 1st Air Cav - Vae Victis n. 28
Labyrinth - GMT 2010
Last Frontier: Vesuvius Incident - Fat Messiah Games 1993
Legions of Darkness - Victory Point Games 2011
Levée en Masse - Victory Point Games 2010
London's Burning - Avalon Hill 1997 [CB - VSL]
see also Lutz Pietschker's London's Burning web page
Longstreet's Disaster - Panzer Digest 1 [2007]
The Lost Cause--The American Civil War: 1861-1865 - Victory Point Games 2010
Loups gris en Atlantique - Vae Victis 90 [2010] [VSL]
Madagascar 1942 - Panzerschreck Anthology [2008]
Masada - Panzerschreck 12 [2004]
Mosby's Raiders - Victory Games 1985 [CB]
Napoleon at the Berezina - Against the Odds 1-4
Nuremberg: Trial of the Century - Panzerschreck 2 [1999]
Open Fire - Victory Games 1987
Opération Apocalypse, la First Cav. au Vietnam - Vae Victis n. 10
Operation Jubilee: Dieppe, 1942 - Strategy & Tactics 265
Opération Merkur - Vae Victis n. 22
Operation Olympic - Strategy & Tactics 45 [CB]
Ottoman Sunset - Victory Point Games 2010
Patton's Best - Avalon Hill [CB - ADC2 - VSL]

Riding With the Best, A Commander's Eye View of Patton's Best, General 25-3
Canada's Best, The Saga of the Canadian 4th Armored, General 25-3
Wheels of Democracy, The Development of the M4 Sherman, General 25-3
Improving on Patton's Best, Realism in the Solitaire Game, General 25-3

Pegasus Bridge - Strategy & Tactics 122
Penal Battalion - Panzer Digest 1 [2007]
Phantom Leader - Dan Verssen Games 2010
Phantom Fury--The 2nd Battle for Fallujah - Nuts Publishing [2011]
Phaseline Smash - GDW 1992
R.A.F. - West End Games [CB]
R.A.F. 2 - Decision Games 2009
Raid on Schweinfurt - Panzerschreck 15 [2006]
Raid on St. Nazaire - Avalon Hill [CB - ADC2 - VSL]

Operation Chariot, General 24-4: 5-9
A Travel Guide to St. Nazaire, Your Very First Raid, General 24-4
Running the Gauntlet, The Royal Navy in ROSN, General 24-4
Series Replay, General 24-4
Variations on a Raid, General 24-4: 22/27
But Not Alone, Two-Player St. Nazaire - General 25-6

see also Lutz Pietschker's Raid on St. Nazaire web page

Ranger - Omega Games 1988

Victor Bravo (or some such)
Alpha Tango (or some such)
Reichstag: The Fall of Berlin - Panzerschreck 1 [1998]
Retro: Tactical WWII Wargame Variant Rules - Minden Games [2001]
Roma Defendenda Est - Roberto Chiavini 2008
Saipan - Strategy & Tactics 162
Salvo! - Minden Games [2007]
Savage Streets - Operations Special Ops #1 2011
Sherwood Syndrome (Star Trek III) - West End Games 1985
Siege of Leningrad: Logistics Module I - Panzerschreck 9 [2002]
Silent War - Compass Games 2006
Sink the Tirpitz - Panzerschreck 11 [2003]
Smokejumpers - Microgame Design Group 1996 and Fiery Dragon 2006
Sniper Attack - Panzerschreck 10 [2003]
Solitaire Caesar - David Kershaw 2006
Soviet Dawn - Victory Point Games 2009
Space Alert - Rio Grande 2008
Space Alert: The New Frontier - Rio Grande 2010
Space Infantry - web published
Space Merchants - One Page Wars n.d.
St. George's Valour - Panzerschreck 8 [2002]
St. George's Valor: The Raid on Zeebruegge, April 23, 1918 - High Flying Dice, n.d.
Stainless Steel Rat - Ares 10
Stalingrad: The Leather Factory - Panzer Digest 3 [2008]
Star Smuggler - Heritage/Dwarfstar 1982
Swordfish at Taranto - Panzer Digest 2 [2007]
Tarawa: Bloody Betio - 3W 1992
Tarawa: Red Beach One - Strategy & Tactics 142
Tempête sur l'Europe: la guerre en Europe 1939-1945 - Vae Victis n. 66
Thunderbolt/Apache Leader - GMT Games 1992
Toe-to-Toe Nu'klr Combat with the Rooskies - Victory Point Games 2010
Typhon sur le Pacifique - Vae Victis n. 40
U-Boat Leader - Dan Verssen Games 2011
Vietnam Solitaire - David Kershaw 2006
Voyage of the Pandora - Ares 6 [CB]
We Must Tell The Emperor - Victory Point Games 2010
Where There is Discord: War in the South Atlantic - Fifth Column Games 2009
Wings Over France - Lambourne Games 1991
see also Lutz Pietschker's Wings over France web page
With the 101st Tactical Ground Attack - One Page Wars n.d.
Wolfpack - Strategy & Tactics 47 [CB]
Zulus on the Ramparts! The Battle of Rorke’s Drift, 22-23 January 1879 - Victory Point Games 2009

Games with one or more solo scenarios

Aces High - Wargamer 12
Air-Eaters Strike Back - Metagaming 1981
Air Force - Avalon Hill

R.A.A.F., Random Appearance Air Force, General 26-5/38

Air Superiority - GDW 1987 [CB - VSL]
Air Superiority: Air Strike - GDW 1987
Air Superiority: Desert Falcons - GDW 1988

Eagles of the Gulf, Pt. 1, Battleplan 9: 17-49

Blackbeard - Avalon Hill

Series Replay, Solitaire Blackbeard, General 27-6: 6-14
A Scoundrel's Log, Helpful Suggestions for Beginners, General 27-6: 15
Odyssey on the High Seas, Designer's Notes for Blackbeard, General 27-6: 19

Breeders: Initial Contact - Fractal Dimensions 1997

Derelict, Fractal Spectrum 16

Campaigns of the Civil War - 3W 1992
Defense of Rorke's Drift - 3W
Demons - SPI 1979 [CB]
Desert Storm - Command 13
Empires of the Middle Ages - SPI 1980 [CB]
Europa Universalis - Awe 1994
Fast Carriers - SPI 1976
Fire When Ready - Metagaming 1982 [CB]
Firepower - Avalon Hill 1984
Guns for Firepower, The Modern Infantryman in Theory & Practice, General 21-6
A Firepower Campaign, Whiling Away Those Long Winter Evenings, General 21-6
Series Replay, Ambush Scenario, General 21-6
Struggle for El Salvador, The FMLN and Firepower, General 22-6
Revolution Against the Revolution, The Nicaraguan Contra War and Firepower, General 23-6
The Pact, Central European Conflict and Firepower, General 24-1
The Laager, South Africa's War & Firepower, General 25-2
Scenario Seven, It Was a 'Great' Depression, Wasn't It?, General 25-5
Special Air Service, The SAS and Firepower, General 25-6
A Flame in the Gulf, The Iran-Iraq War and Firepower, General 26-3
Over the Fence, Covert Missions in SE Asia, General 26-5

Hammer's Slammers - Mayfair 1984
Harvest of Death: The 2nd Day at Gettysburg - Strategy & Tactics 129
Hell of Stalingrad - Clash of Arms 2009
Intruder - Task Force 1980
Ironclads - Yaquinto 1979
Italian Campaign: Sicily - Strategy & Tactics 146
Italian Campaign: Salerno - Strategy & Tactics 150
Italian Campaign: Anzio - Strategy & Tactics 155

NOTE: Need the rules from Anzio for the scenario rules and set up for Sicily and Salerno southern Campaign

Knights Of The Air - Avalon Hill 1986

Plane Facts, The Design of KOTA, General 23-5
Beyond the War to End All Wars, Hypothetical Scenarios for KOTA, General 23-5

Merchant of Venus - Avalon Hill 1988

Putting Spice in Space, The Strange Tale of MOV, General 25-1
Tramp Starship, A Look at Merchant of Venus, General 26-1
Fun & Profit in the 32nd Century, Designer's Notes and Variant for MOV, General 26-1
Series Replay, Solitaire Merchant of Venus, General 26-1: 14-17
Venus Smuggler, The Black Market in Merchant of Venus, General 27-6

Monsters Ravage America - Avalon Hill 1998
Outdoor Survival - Avalon Hill
Pacific War - Victory Games 1985

The Pacific War, A Grand Strategy Perspective, General 24-3

Peloponnesian War - Victory Games 1991
Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm - Rio Grande 2008 (requires ownership of basic game)
Red Baron - Wargamer 48
Republic of Rome - Avalon Hill

Coming Attractions, Designer's Notes, General 26-1
Not in Kansas Anymore, An Analysis of Republic of Rome, General 27-4
Series Replay, PBEM Republic of Rome, General 27-4
Princeps, The Design of Republic of Rome, General 27-4
Series Replay, PBEM Republic of Rome, Part 2, General 27-5

Richthofen's War - Avalon Hill 1972

Breaking Par, General 10-5
Advanced Richthofen's War, Combining Si-Move, Maneuvers, & Excitement in RW, General 17-5
Advanced Richthofen's War Again, Yet Another Variant to Jazz Up the Baron, General 18-5
Rickenbacker's War, Historical Scenarios for RW, General 19-3
The Five-Second Game, Richthofen's War, the 2nd, General 23-1
Flying Lessons from the Baron, Updating Richthofen's War, General 23-5

Rise and Fall - EMS
Roads to Gettysburg - Avalon Hill
Scratch One Flat Top! - 3W
Seven Seas To Victory - XTR 1994
Siege of Constantinople - SPI 1978
Siege of Jerusalem - Avalon Hill 1989
Sniper: Bug Hunter - TSR/SPI 1988
Sticks and Stones - Metagaming 1978 [CB]
Struggle for Stalingrad - Wargamer 47 (1985)
Submarine - Avalon Hill 1977 [CB]

Strategic Submarine, General 15-4
More Submarine Scenarios, General 15-4
Fleet Boat, American Pacific Operations for Submarine, General 18-6
Soviet Submarine, Scenarios for the Forgotten Counters, General 19-6
Up-Scope!, Increased Realism in Submarine, General 19-6
Torpedo Junction,Scenario, New Pacific Scenarios for Submarine, General 22-2
On Patrol, Solitaire Rules, General 22-4: 35-38
War in the Shallow Seas, Adding the Little Ships to Submarine, General 23-3
The Lone Wolves, The British in Submarine, General 23-3

Survival - Task Force 1979 [CB]
Sword and the Stars - SPI 1981 [CB]
Tokyo Express - Victory Games

Riding the Express, An Introduction to Tokyo Express, General 25-4
Savo Island solo scen., in General 25-4: 52-53
Campaign Game, in General 28-5

Valkenburg Castle - Task Force 1980
Victory at Midway - Command 14 [VSL]
Wings - Yaquinto
Wings of War: Burning Drachens - Fantasy Flight 2005

Although not specifically intended as a solo game, quite playable

Alamo - SPI
Bulge (The Big Red One) - SPI [CB]
Campaigns In The Valley - Strategy & Tactics 123
Circvs Maximvs - Avalon Hill [CB]
Civil War - Victory Games 1983
Conquistador - Strategy & Tactics 58 (1976) and Avalon Hill 1981
Alone in the Lost World, General 26-1: 26-30

End Of An Iron Dream - Wargamer 42
European Theatre of Operations - TSR
Far Sea - Strategy & Tactics 125
Geronimo - Avalon Hill 1995
High Seas - DRSG 1992
Imperator - 3W 1992
Insecta - Fat Messiah Games 1995
Knights of Justice - Wargamer 50 [CB]
Liftoff! - Task Force Games 1989
Magic Realm - Avalon Hill 1979 [CB - VSL]

The Magical Mystery Tour, General 16-4
Additional Rules Systems For Magic Realm, General 16-4
Magic Realm Errata & Additions, Designer's Notes, General 16-4
My Son, the Berserker, An Inside Tour of the Magic Realm, General 17-5
What am I Bid For ..., Varying Prices in Magic Realm, General 20-2
Which Way the Witch King, A Magic Realm Seminar, General 21-5
A Little Help from Friends, Giving Suckers an Even Break in Magic Realm, General 23-6
Monster Mash, Playing St. George in Magic Realm, General 24-5
The Legendary, Lost Index, An Index for 2nd Edition Magic Realm, General 26-4

Ogre - Steve Jackson Games 1977 [CB]

Solitaire Ogre, Spacegamer 35: 4

On To Moscow - Strategy & Tactics 171
Princess Ryan's Star Marines - Avalon Hill 1997
Sands of Iwo Jima - Schutze Games 2005
Seven Years War In Europe - Strategy & Tactics 163
Siege At Peking - Wargamer 21
Source Of The Nile - Avalon Hill n.d. (original: Discovery Games 1978) [CB]

Tributary--A Supplement to Source of the Nile - Discovery Games
Native Policy in the Source of the Nile, Analysing the Probabilities in SOTN, General 18-6
Source of Strength, Source of the Nile With a Vengeance, General 21-3

Star Probe - TSR 1975 (and Star Empires, expansion, 1977)
Starfall - Yaquinto 1979
Time Tripper - SPI 1980 [CB]
Viceroys! - Task Force 1986
Wellington vs Massena - Wargamer 43 [CB]
Wreck of the B.S.M. Pandora - SPI 1980 [CB]
Zeppelin - Strategy & Tactics 159

Not designed as solo, variant later addition

Dinosaurs of the Lost World - Avalon Hill
Empire in Arms - Avalon Hill [CB]

Taking Another Road to Moscow, Battleplan 4: 57-58

Rescue From the Hive - SPI [CB]

Rescue from the Hive on Your Own, Moves 56 (4/81): 30-32

Starship Troopers - Avalon Hill 1976 [CB - ADC2- VSL]

Alone Against the Bugs, A Solitaire System for Starship Troopers, General 20-4

Stellar Conquest - Avalon Hill

How to Crack a Planetary Force Field, Variants for Stellar Conquest, General 22-5
Fate of the Empire, Solo variant, General 23-4: 30-34
Stellar Empire, Empire-Building in Stellar Conquest, General 26-1
Alone in Outer Space, Solitaire Stellar Conquest, General 32-1

Task Force - SPI 1980
Titan - Avalon Hill [CB]

Shadowtitan, a solitaire system for Titan, General 23-1: 32-35

Turning Point: Stalingrad - Avalon Hill [CD - ADC2]

Travelin' to the Turning Point, A Look at Strategy for TP: Stalingrad, General 26-2
A New View of Stalingrad, Designer's Notes for Turning Point, General 26-2
Stalingradskaia Borba, Critiquing Turning Point, General 26-2
Alone in the Streets, Solitaire Turning Point, General 26-2: 19-20
Series Replay, General 26-2
Stalingrad Defended, The Russian Defense in TP:S, General 27-1

Up Front - Avalon Hill [CB - BWG]

Play Your Cards Up Front, An Old Fashioned Card Playing Lesson, General 21-1
Up Front by the Numbers, An Analysis of the Odds, General 21-1
Series Replay, General 21-1
Design Analysis, 2nd Edition Up Front, General 21-1
Return to the Front, A Look at the Scenarios, General 22-2
Moving Up Front, A Study of Movement Options, General 23-2
Up Front With Sgt. Rock, American Problems in the Patrol Scenario, General 25-3
Cold Front, The Winter War for Up Front, General 26-2
501 City-Fight-In-Four, DYO for Up Front, General 26-5
The Long Campaign, Polishing Up the Up Front Campaign Game, General 26-5
Odd Man In, Three-Player Up Front, General 26-5
Moving Up Front, A Study of Movement Options, General 23-2 (Special)
Solitaire Up Front, Flamethrower defense scenario, Battleplan 1: 6-7

Wooden Ships & Iron Men - Avalon Hill [CB - ADC2]

The French Are In!, Design-Your-Own Scenarios for WS&IM, General 14-5
In Defense of Linear Tactics, General 15-4
Wooden Ships & Iron Men of the Baltic, The Russo-Swedish War of 1788-1790, General 15-5
Fire as Your Guns Bear, Bold & Resourceful Maneuver in Fleet Actions, General 16-2
Hoisting the Jolly Roger, Pirates in WS&IM, General 17-6
Strachan vs. Dumanoir, A WS&IM Series Replay, General 18-3
Wooden Ships By Mail, A PBM System for WS&IM, General 18-3
Wooden Ships & Iron Men of the Levant, The Russo-Turkish Wars on the Seas, General 19-5
A King's Officer, The Battles of Richard Bolitho, General 20-5
The Royal Navy Triumphant, The Wooden Wall of Empire, General 23-4
Signal Close Action, The Development of British Naval Tactics, General 25-4
The Age of Sail, Choosing Sides in Wooden Ships & Iron Men, General 25-4
The Continentals, The Americans in Wooden Ships & Iron Men, General 25-4
The Frigates Fight, WS&IM in the War of 1812, General 26-6
The China Trade, Chinese Vessels for WS&IM, General 27-2
Wooden Ships for One: solitaire system for WS&IM, General 27-6: 51-55
Fighting Sails, Tactics as Applied to WS&IM, General 13-2 (Special)

Computer modules

Thoth (all are available from this page; don't forget to download the rules if they aren't included in the zip file)

Rolling Thunder
Space Hole
Space Scouts
Winter War
Zulu Spears Solo