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Now that I've annoyed all the tight-assed right-wingers (and hopefully sent them packing), let's get to the interesting stuff :-)


My name is Michel Boucher also known as Alsandor. I was born on 1946-12-22, making me 63 years old next December (2009). I retired on 17 June 2009. I have many interests including, but not exclusive to:

History (I have an M.A. from the University of Ottawa)
Wargames (boardgames, playing and collecting)
Role-playing games
Computer games
History of WWII
Military novels
Social justice
Cooking and the history of food
Long-winded discussion on esoteric subjects

Here is a list of books I've read in recent years.

I have two children: Chloë, 28, and Gregory, 25. I live with Betty Edwards, Calvin, Kita and Suki, our three cats. Chloë lives in Vancouver with Charlie, her cat.

I am, and have always been, a socialist in politics although I do not belong to any political party. A man I greatly admire is Jean Jaurès, leader of the Socialist party in France before World War I.


Calvin the cat, also known as "Little Calvin", was born 26 April, 2001. He has grown into the longest cat I have ever seen. He was named after the founder of Calvinism, and not the popular comic strip character.

In 2002, we rescued Kita (short for Nikita), a 1.5 year old pregnant female who had her litter in our house. We found good homes for five of the six kittens and kept the runt, Suki (which means Beloved in Japanese), who enjoyed her mommy time after all the others were gone. We subsequently had Kita and Suki spayed.


I am the co-author of one web document, the DARKLANDS FAQ, which I wrote in collaboration with others who like this game.

I am in the process of updating my thesis for posting on the web in a more format more appropriate to electronic publishing. The topic is David Gosselin et la question des écoles du Manitoba. You can access my thesis and related documents here. I must point out however that the material is in French for the most part.

I also have another text I'm rather proud of, being an analysis of the charges brought against Constantin von Neurath by the International Tribunal at Nuremberg.


I have an extensive collection of wargames (some were damaged in a flood in 1996) and I spend a fair amount of time managing and expanding the collection. If you collect wargames, or are interested in playing a game, send me e-mail. I have some material which I wrote concerning wargames, which I have retrieved from various places on the net and am mirroring here. You can also download a few Cyberboard gameboxes I have designed.


As of February 14, 1998, I have uploaded to this site my collection of favourite recipes. These were written for the children to take with them as they leave home and represent our family favourites. I have the cookbook also as a PDF file that can be read with the Adobe Acrobat reader.

Click here to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader

My life on Bitnet/Internet

I have been a user of various chats since 1987. I started on BitNet Relay as 127948@UOTTAWA with the nick Talon (after Jean Talon, intendant of New France). Then I became an op at RELAY@CANADA01 as BOUCHER@UOTTAWA with the nick Alsandor. I also had other nicks from time to time, such as softpuppy, KARL_MARX and the ever popular Fred_Mertz who was an op before his time. After a misunderstanding with a masterop (he misunderstood me), I got privs at Buffalo (RELAY@UBVM) and continued there when I moved to Alberta in September 1988, from the account I obtained courtesy of the History Department, CBOUCHER@UALTAVM. I also joined Nimbus BBS, run by Don Netolitsky, eventually reformed as Radio Free Albemuth where I was put in charge of the Canadian Unity discussion group and renamed Komissar Alsandor. The new nick was in keeping with Nimbus/RFA's custom that an op had to have a military title. I have been a regular (at times) on HISTORY-L and CANADA-L where I've been known to ignite quite a few brushfires.

For those romantic sods among you, you should be aware that Betty and I met on RELAY on December 15th 1987 while I was in Ottawa and she was in Edmonton (3000 kms as the crow flies). We chatted for four months before we met in person and I eventually moved from Ottawa to Edmonton where I stayed for four years. I returned to Ottawa in 1992 and Betty found a job with government and followed within 6 months. We've been together for the last twenty-two years (if you include the chatting time before we met FTF).

Computer-related stuff

I use shareware and freeware and purchase shareware when I feel it is a program I want to use. I have a list of these programs available here.

Please register shareware! I do.

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